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Waterbury VT Q4 2023 Market Report 

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the real estate market in Waterbury, Vermont, presented a unique set of trends and developments. The single-family home segment maintained stability in the number of properties sold, with no change from the previous year. However, there was a notable shift in property values. The average sold price for single-family homes increased by 12.14%, and the median sold price saw a more significant rise of 19.54%. This upward trend in prices indicates a growing market value in the Waterbury area.

Despite the stable sales volume, the market experienced a decrease of 14.29% in new listings for single-family homes. This reduction suggests a tightening market with fewer properties available for sale. However, the list prices adjusted accordingly, with the average list price increasing by 14.07% and the median list price showing a substantial rise of 48.05%. These figures reflect a market responding to high demand and limited supply.

The list-to-sell price ratio for single-family homes saw a slight decrease of 4.16%, indicating a slight shift in market dynamics. Additionally, the average days on the market for these homes increased by 21.95%, while the median days on the market remained unchanged. This suggests that while properties may be taking slightly longer to sell, the demand and value remain robust.

In summary, the Q4 2023 real estate market in Waterbury, Vermont, was characterized by stable sales volume, significant increases in property values, and a decrease in new listings. The market dynamics indicate a strong demand for single-family homes, with rising prices reflecting the area's growing appeal. The trends observed in this quarter suggest that Waterbury's real estate market is experiencing a phase of value appreciation, making it an attractive area for potential investors and homebuyers. For those interested in more detailed insights or specific data on Waterbury's real estate market, consulting with local real estate experts is advisable.

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